Get On Our Exclusive First-Batch Mailing List!

Get On Our Exclusive First-Batch Mailing List! - Max Sweets

Do you want to be on our exclusive "first batch" mailing list? E-mail if you would like to be the first to try our 16oz ketogenic creamer with collagen! Spots are filling up - so email me today if you want to receive our first batch. We can't wait to share our new product with the world!


  • Rosilyn Burrell

    New to Keto and trying options, heard good things about the packets on You tube.

  • Lucretia Maloney

    Sounds interesting, would love to give this a try. Will cut down on my morning process!

  • Arlene Jarvis

    Loved the other creamers I’ve tried, would love to try this too

  • Erin McCarty

    I’d love to try this :-)

  • Donna Fuller

    Keep me in the “know”!! LOL

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