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Meet Max! The first keto ZERO SUGAR marshmallow to come to market. Our snackworthy marshmallow loves to be a snack, works great in baking, and is a perfect addition to your favorite morning Know Brainer beverage. Max is the perfect treat for anyone who is following Keto, Paleo, Weight Watchers, or a diabetic diet, which for me is paramount considering more than 1 in every ten adults 20 years or older is diagnosed with diabetes every year in the US, according to the CDC.

Our sweeteners: For our sweetener, we use inulin which promotes gut health, helps you lose weight and manage diabetes. We also use Birch Xylitol, which prevents tooth decay and monk fruit, both high in antioxidants. We also use  allulose for a selection of products that do not have sugar alcohols.

Frequently asked questions

We spent over a year working through hundreds of formulations to create a zero-sugar formulation we could use in our favorite sweet treats like marshmallows, caramels, and taffy. We also figured out a way to include all of the maximum benefits you want—like protein, healthy fats, and fiber—without any of the bad stuff you don’t.

Even thoughour treats taste as delicious as other products you have enjoyed, they arecompletely different. In fact, our products are more similar to a protein orfiber supplement you may add to your diet.

Andat $.99 per serving, it’s far cheaper than treating the unhealthy consequences of eating too much sugar.

Yes.Max Sweets are perfect for anyone on a ketogenic orlow carb diet. They are very diabetic friendly and make easy paleo snacks,as our products have zero net carbs.

Infact, the primary reason for creating our sweet treats was Shari’s need for a zero sugar treat.

Absolutely! Max Sweets are yummy healthy snacks for kids. And since they taste just like their favorite “unhealthy” options, they’ll love eating Max.

We have a created a propriety blend of Birch Xylitol, Monk fruit, and Erythritol.

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in most plant material, including many fruits and vegetables. It is extracted from birch wood to make medicine. Xylitol is widely used as a sugar substitute and in "sugar-free" chewing gums,mints, and other candies. Xylitol is also an antioxidant but if eaten in large amounts, it can upset the stomach.

Erythritolbelongs to a group of low-calorie sweeteners called sugar alcohols which occurnaturally in some fruits and vegetables, as well as in some fermented foodslike soy sauce. Erythritol provides minimal calories, is about 70% assweet as table sugar and has the lowest effect on your blood sugar compared toother sugar alcohols, like sorbitol, xylitol and maltitol.

Erythritolprovides minimal calories, is about 70% as sweet as table sugar and hasthe lowest effect on your blood sugar compared to other sugar alcohols, likesorbitol, xylitol and maltitol.

There is no sugar in pure monk fruit extract, whichmeans that consuming it will not affect blood sugar levels. No harmful sideeffects. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers monk fruit sweeteners to be generallyregarded as safe.

The term “net carbs” simply means carbs that will be absorbed by the body. Since fiber and certain sugar alcohols, like the erythritol and xylitol we use, are not digestible by the body, we subtract dietary fiber, erythritol, allulose, and glycerin from the total carb count

net carbs =total carbs - allulose - fiber = 3g.

Are Max Sweets non-GMO?
Yes, all of our ingredients are non-GMO.

We are celiac friendly! All or our products are both gluten-free and dairy free. We do not use gluten or dairy in our products.

Since we launched Know Brainer Foods and Max Sweets, we have been asked to create a vegan line. Pea protein is an excellent source of protein for the body. All of our vegan products include the same brain boosting and body enriching ingredients like MCT and probiotic fiber. We take every precaution not to cross contaminate the vegan lines.

Some people have trouble digesting xylitol which is a sugar alcohol (also very healthy).  We replaced the sugar alcohol with Allulose to appeal to all of our customers!

Allulose is classified as a “rare sugar” because it is naturally present in a few foods.

Like glucose and fructose, allulose is a monosaccharide, or single sugar. In contrast, table sugar, also known as sucrose, is a disaccharide made of glucose and fructose joined together.

In fact, allulose has the same chemical formula as fructose, but is arranged differently. This difference in structure prevents your body from processing allulose the way it processes fructose.

Although 70–84% of the allulose you consume is absorbed into your blood from your digestive tract, it is eliminated in the urine without being used as fuel Healthline

The allulose sweetened mallows have a maillard effect where the mallows turn to a caramel color which is the color of the allulose.

Without the sugar alcohols, the allulose mallows have a firmer texture and a fuller mouth feel. Customers love the chewiness of these mallows.

We use a pure seaweed carrageenan which aids in digestion and provides antioxidants. 

While some scientists have suggested a link with digestive issues, this has been debunked and proven false. Learn more here:

Is there any minimum commitment for a Subscription?
No, you cancancel your subscription at anytime.

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