Know Your Fuel!

Know Your Fuel! - Max Sweets

make this: know brainer keto lemon custard tart

ketogenic, bulletproof

Fueling Katie as she completes the entire Appalachian Trail 

ketogenic, bulletproof

Fueling Katie while she completes the Appalachian trail end to end was a know brainer. This through hike requires tremendous discipline and energy. Katie needs to maximize the number of calories and energy she gets from every single food she puts in her pack.  Understanding the gram to calorie trade-off required for a successful hike is crucial for Katie. Good thing Know Brainer is 31g of pure fuel! This fuel not only sustains Katie's body and mind, but it also improves her performance physically and cognitively.

what's the deal with traditional energy bars?

It's safe to say we all strive for a good workout, a productive day at the office, and a morning where we don't crash at 11 am. Understanding the fuel you consume is important. Here's a quick lesson:

ketogenic, bulletproof

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