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These Last Few Years Have Been an Eye Opener

Not sure when I realized the true inequity in this world. I am the youngest of three with two older brothers with my mom and dad. Proving my worth as a female member of my family has always been a part of my life; I’ve never known any differently. After my brothers had their Bar Mitzvahs, I asked my mom when I would begin preparing for mine.  Her answer: “Do you really want one? It’s a lot of work.”  To which I replied, “Yes, I can do it.”

Having this worth overlooked, however, these last few years has been an eye-opener. Building a successful business for the second time isn’t an easy task. And, with the help of my partners Miche and Lisa, that is exactly what we have done.

My determination comes from my dad and feeling like I always had to prove myself as a child in my male-dominated family. Ironically, as I got older and continued to prove my value, my dad became my number one fan and support as I built my last business, one I created out of my need to heal Multiple Sclerosis. I continued to make him proud as he sat in the front row with my mom (along with my children and in-laws) when I spoke at my daughter’s high school graduation. My dad’s belief in me has always anchored me during tough times, especially in business.

Sadly, my dad died of COVID in April 2020. While he was not alone, he spent the last four months of his life distraught and in terrible pain. My dad was never an easy man, but he always took great care of his family and believed in his children. He devoted the last 35 years of his life to AA and supported those in recovery. He was a very successful man in every sense of the word.

Shari's Dad

Months before my dad’s passing, my dear friend and partner Lisa and I discussed our lives. I shared how successful and hardworking my dad was. We discussed how hard we work, the uphill battles we face daily, and what we have achieved with Know Brainer Foods. This conversation led us to “Soy la,” an old saying about the mothers in Costa Rica, where Lisa now lives with her husband and children. “Soy la…I am the” I am the moneymaker, caretaker, healer, cook, cleaner, shopper, birther! Soy La got me thinking.

Across the world, we moms pretty much do everything from doing the laundry to taking care of our children to making the money, yet women are:

  • 98% less likely to get investment (changes to 17% if there is a male cofounder)
  • 80% less likely to be promoted 
  • 72% less likely to be an elected official (number decreased in 2021)
  • 0% likely to be President

We are the women who do a lot of shit, yet men make many decisions and do most of “the business,” as my friend Kay has expressed sans the foul language.

Soy la 54 year old woman this December 30th who had to start again at 49. Soy la founder and CEO of Know Brainer Foods and Max Sweets. I create best-for-you products that heal and promote wellness out of my need to heal Multiple Sclerosis.

I run this company with my two partners Miche and Lisa who are also Soy la’s in their families.

To be successful in our business requires resilience, hard work, a relevant and self-evident product, and money which we have stived to acheive in the last few years in our company.

True story: Miche and I were on our way to Shark Tank, when COVID hit, only to be asked to stay home after several months of preparation and a packed car. They gave us no reason and blamed it on COVID. The season continued. I read somewhere the focus was on younger business owners. Is this true?

Somos Los women with the resilience required to succeed.

We have poured our hearts and souls into Max Sweets where we have launched the first-ever, award-winning zero sugar (and zero alcohol sugar), collagen, and vegan marshmallows. We create deliciously best-for-you, guilt-free sweets. We are exploding online, in independent grocers, and in chains like Walmart, CVS, and Harmons. 

True story…

When I went through the fundraising process, I spoke with men who invested. I saw their portfolios - 99% male-founded companies, many of whom were in their early 20’s. Tell me who you would want to invest in? Three women who get shit done, or a 22-year-old just out of college. We are in the 98% who have not received funding. 

Women hold the power of life, yet we continually give it all away to men. And I’m not knocking all men. I have raised a wonderful son and am married to a kind man. Nevertheless, Soy la the mother my children go to when shit needs to get done!

Find me and my business here:

Website: https://maxsweets.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lovemaxsweets
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lovemaxsweets/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shari-leidich-9a0288120/

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